Making yourself a candle and knowing how it works.

A candle-light dinner without candles? That sucks! – – – But wait! There is some solution. Have a look at this…

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What we are dreaming of is real now: Invisibility! (…and phantasmagoria)

Children’s hands won’t do it, neither do so Griffin’s juices. The key to invisibility lies in creating material that has an “index of refraction” lower than 1,0, because light would pass around an object with such a negative index. This is the case with metamaterials which, until recently, have been claimed to be impossible. — So says Michiu Kaku and have proven scientists.

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Evolution of Androids? (A summarizing paper for futurists, those in fear of robots, and those who merely take an interest in this topic.)

Is the idea of androids just imaginative science-fiction? Michio Kaku argues that thinking machines could be realised, because the idea of them doesn’t violate the known laws of physics. And Klaus Mainzer justifies this idea by interpreting the natural phenomenon of unpredictability as the condition for developing artificial intelligence, since it could be describable by computation.

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