Hospitality: coming home at home through the guest. (Kaisermühlenblues’ “Hof-Konzert”)

One could appreciate Derrida and learn from the “Hof-Konzert” that acting morally means to act for the sake of the other. All of this can be discussed, tried out, and experienced in the light of hospitality.

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Yet having faith in God despite evil? (Or because of?)

With regard to theistic religions the question is, whether there is an absolute good, almighty, and all-knowing God when there is the evil, physical as well as moral maladies. The intellectual defence of this God in face of physical and moral maladies are the different forms of what is called theodicy. However, in course of time, I got dissatisfied with and dismissive of this approach.

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The Movies Provide the Myth of Lived Democracy

In “More of The World Viewed” of his The World Viewed Stanley Cavell claims that movies provide the myth of lived democracy against the myth of ruled democracy. But they cannot provide it by showing democracy at work, since that would made it a mere utopia. He explains this by referring to the 30ies’ comedies.

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