“Dec. 30, 1334”

Spoken words to minimalistic sounds.

By the time you hear this message, Ill be gone

Forced to this conclusion by the hands of time and a voice that whispers, “No other choice”

Sound of distant gunfire on the blue horizon


Yes, I have passed away, passed on, passed falsely through those pearly gates

I was somehow taken by hand, unawares, and led to this fork in the road

Now I have arrived at a conjecture of parallel madness, a narrow pathway divided by millions of fragented lives lived as one.

So you do not believe in love, yet it is love that has destroyed me

I lay my body down, spent shell, as proof

Place my coffin next to yours as if to say – “This is what Ive always longed for”

Well its been many years in calling, and by calling out the names, who did I wish to hear from?

Those who have stroked me? Fucked me? Disregard me – John or is it Judas?

Stuck like a knife in flesh resiliant and now they do not distract me

And one more thing before I go – I go without regret

Forget tomorrows awakening, today has found its end

A moment of silence please, for those dead or dying

The world around us stands still, briefly, then BANG! BANG!

Shattered and back to the next routine

Up ahead, on that hot, dusty road, take a look around you

Have you walked this road before? Buried loved ones here? (All are loved ones here)

Well, of all places, it was the last I had expected to find you crawling on

I held out my hand and it was not taken by the others, but instead, kissed wetly

Left behind dripping venom and blue lust all mixed with blood

Ive been told you make an incision then suck the poison out

But some of us, as you well know, dear brother, long for such childhood pleasures

And driven by some wild, inner beast, I mount my childhood steed

I race off, crazy, towards the pale horizon

A fiery haven that makes my body quake

And in my doing so, I leave behind another wounded soldier in the dust, another mangled junk heap just like me

And pushing onward, pressing forward – suspicion rears its ugly head

And I suspect, in every manner, that we have met somewhere before

That in our various travels, we have passed each other several times

That you have, in many an instance, haunted me

Strode with me to the landscape of multiple shadows which marks our place amongst the dead

Yes there is a blinding image of you, doubled over, placed before me

And in your eyes I detect the same savage fears that I have battled all my life,

that I still struggle fiercely to escape

Yet escape I fail to do.

And picking myself up off the floor, I admonish you never again to fall

Follow the leader to new terrains, terminate eternal backlash of the

grown up world, a world that neither you nor I belong to

I notice a small boy, shyly smiling next to mine – they spat and laughed and fucked each other several times

I hold this vision in memoriam, my sweet shattered youth

I erect a temple in my blazing heart to house the treasures such as these

An abundance of star lit memories prove to be of comfort in my hours of need

And now I see that I have reached the pale horizon

You are beside me, all around me, but how I wish you were here

I miss you more than you may know

I love you like no other

In fond remembrance and deepest longing-

Your brother…

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