“The Playboy Club Bunny Manual”, 1968

Just found it some time ago on the hilarious site of Anorak’s: “The Playboy Club Bunny Manual” from 1968.


Since being a Bunny is claimed and highlighted to be…

The top job in the country for a young girl.

…I thought it might be a nice gesture to inform you girls about the duties and tasks of being a Bunny.

Read it carefully, learn you duties well…

But it has much more to offer, even kind hints for your work and well-being:

Helpful Hints for Bunnies:

1. Hose should be rinsed in cold water and refrigerated before wearing for extra service.

2. To relieve tired feet, soak them in a solution of epsom salt and warm water for one half hour, the elevate feet. Massage your legs with an upward motion from ankles to thighs.

3. Try rolling your feet over an empty coke bottle.

4. Arch your back during costume fitting for best possible fit.

You have read it all? Now nothing should stand in the way of you getting well prepared to the next audition, assessment center, job interview, and to easily become a Bunnya job full of honour:

You can take great pride in being selected as a Bunny; it’s a job that you will find is both unique and exciting. The Playboy Bunny has created a new definition and standard for charm, beauty and friendly service.

If you are, unfortunately, not being chosen as a Bunny after all, maybe just being inspired by “The Aloha Spirit” will be an interesting and more common alternative:

The Aloha Spirit is a reference to the friendly and caring attitude for which the people of the Hawaiian Islands are so well known. In Hawaiʻi someone can be said to have or show “Aloha” in the way they treat others. Aloha is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others.

It is the blog earthstonestation that informs you more in detail about “The Aloha Spirit”.

Well, I'd like to know: What do you think?

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