Sam Chirnside’s illustrations.

Looking at Sam Chirnsides wonderful illustrations reminded me of Kierkegaards thoughts about repetition.

Repetition and recollection are the same movement, except in opposite directions, for what is recollected has been, is repeated backward. Repetition, therefore, if it is possible makes a person happy, whereas recollection makes him unhappy-assuming of course, that he gives himself time to live and does not promptly at birth find an excuse to sneak out of life again, for example, that he has forgotten something. He alone is truly happy who is not deluded into thinking that the repetition should be something new, for then one grows weary of it. It takes youthfulness to hope, youthfulness to recollect, but it takes courage to will repetition . . . he who does not grasp that life is a repetition and that this is the beauty of life has pronounced his own verdict and deserves nothing better than what will happen to him anyway.

Repetition is the reality and the seriousness of life.

He who chose repetition really lives.

So its neither the world nor life that repeats itself by itself. Thus, to repeat means to gain control over oneself, to be reliable, rather possessing power over the world and others.

Visit, from where I took the pictures. You can also see what hes up to here:

4 responses to “Sam Chirnside’s illustrations.

    • yes, I needed a change! 😀 no it was just that I found this theme recently and I immediately liked it. but d*mn all the work I had to do to get it somehow like it is now… >:-| 😉

      well, yeah, Kierkegaard is a philosophical, but I think his way is to bring philosophy down to earth, back to everyday life – in their and as well as in a somewhat poetical form. 😉

      • ahaha, i need time to do the same. wonder when i can find it. :c yes, am afraid it’s lots of technical work and patience, ahaha. but at least, your house got a new look, say? 😉

        Kierkegaard, i hear about him and read quotes from him. have not really read his works, though… but i like the piece of wisdom here – for humans to accept that life is a repetition. 🙂

        hello, J.A…. hey, i still owe you a note. 😉

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