»Human Sculpture«–Project and archaic mythic beings

Already the first photo of Belgian artist Jefta Hoekendijks project »Human Sculpture« immediately reminded me of my visit in Louvres ancient collection. There you find among others figurines of gods and goddesses, deified kings as well as demons, spirits and angels. However theories about their use and reading differ, at least – as far as I can remember – they represent in stiff capturing then believed living powers. But as it is todays stage of evolution, most of Western people see in mythical, mythic, spiritual beings just human projections of their own experiences and self-understanding. So, it isnt that surprising that now the living, ever changing human body, used as “brush” and “paint” in one, solidifies itself in forms having the ambience of myth, of the mythical, of the spiritual.





For the last picture to compare I got reminded, as you can see, by a painting of William Blake – who is, of course, not ancient yet. 😉


Well, what do you think? Have you more fitting examples in mind? Or maybe you know of comparisons to the following pictures? Just let me know in the comment box below. Im eager to read from you. 🙂

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Pictures taken from here:




More information on the project you can find here:


Okay, lets finish this post with a moving picture. To come to enjoy this experience, just click on the picture. 😉


Well, I'd like to know: What do you think?

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