Live life in the face of death or in the face of promise and changing?

Weellllll, maybe you know the wise advice from self-management trainers. That it is promising for ones own successful und fulfilled life to imagine ones last breathes when staring into Gevatter Tods empty orbit who is reaching out his hand to take yours. For gigantists it is not enough. They imagine the deterioration and agony not just of human mankind but of the whole planetfought against by some bored everyday-life-sleepers discovering their true kernel of humanness and Americanity etc. – or maybe just trying to save their daily clockwork routines. 😉

Hmm… maybe it is time to pull out seriousness of apocalyptic madness teeth.

Maybe we should be true to ourselves, to others and our environment now!, and not live in the lie of an enduring, continuous deathas it makes no sense to love ones love as on the day of marriage. These are unique eventsas is our daily life, yes. But its also routine. To stay true to my promise addressed towards myself and the other is as important and obligatory as to respond to my and the others ever changing.

Well, I'd like to know: What do you think?

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