Chœurs. Choirs. If you ever have heard Edvard Griegs “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from his famous Peer Gynt or even rather Carl Orff’s “O fortuna” (to make it more fittingly with chœurs) from his ingenious Carmina Burana you may have some idea of what I’m going to say now. The excessive power of rock music can also be achieved unplugged, without *more power* *roaaarrrrrr* amplifiers. 😉

Anyways, Chœurs – that’s the title of an album made alive by Bertrant Cantat (Noir Désir), Pascal Humbert (Sixteen Horsepower, Wovenhand, Lilium), Bernard Falaise, Alexander MacSweeen, and Wajdi Mouawad is a rock album of great grandeur!

As with film stars and as you maybe already know the ding I admire most in rock music is its eccentricity, its wild roughness, being just straight, its felt honesty. Neither the naff vainglorious quack about little doozies being pulled out of bags and then hurry-scurried in a rattling merry-go-around. Nor about brightly coloured and flashing unicorns… being actually emaciated carthorses. All of this is just abject yawning ennui. For it is a question haunting each of us and finding us even then if we hide in the darkest, most lost recess of a labyrinth in deep space or in the garish, flaring center of every sun. Why attitudinize with stuff one hopes others will begrudge one of? If one is really convinced of one’s, say, carnal virility or femininity, one’s read up Struwwelpeter distinction, and yes, even of one’s truth – whichever it may be –, then one won’t need any company, any applause, any seesawing laquaises. A thought made precisely clear by Kierkegaard (The Book on Adler) and Tarkovsky (»Stalker«). Thus a great singer could sing unrecognized in a choir.

Dithyrambe au soleil


Tout espoir

Honte à boire

Cendre noire

Comme elles disent

Le jour tombe


Nulle armure

Aux blessures

Aux crocs des chiens

Comme elles disent

La nuit vient

Rhizomes des amours noires

Des glorieux étendards

Flac flac

Le vent raffole

Où vont les courses folles

Où vont les courses folles

Contre la lumière



Creuset des larmes d’or

Dans la plaine la plaie pour la nuit brille encore



Aux chants des oiseaux morts

Aux sons des astres oubliés

A tous les coeurs dehors…




Hoping everything

Disgrace of drinking

Black ashes

As they say

The day falls


Vain armour

Upon wounds

Upon the fangs of dogs

As they say

The night arrives

Rhizomes of black love

The glorious flags

Flutter flutter

The wind swarms

Where do the insane roads lead

Where do the insane roads lead

Against the light



Buries the tears of gold

Yet the plague for the night shines in the flatland



On the chants of the dead birds

On the sounds of the lost stars

On all the outer hearts



Since there are so many great songs on this album I cannot decide which of the following listening examples I should drop. So for a start I give you some hints what it sounds like. Then you can decide with which song you start and then cannot get enough… 😉 Then, if you like, let me know which song do you like most. 🙂

Yes, rocknroll baby! With some quieter moments to relax.

Hmm… a Frenchman singing arabic? Quite exciting!

Slow severe rock!

Sinister, spherical, heavy stringed instruments, gloomy synthies, dark voices speaking.

The excitement increases just to explode controlled.

Scream, jump, bang your heads, yeah!

Lets dance!

Les Verges” by Brigitte Fontaine and Bertrand Cantat. Quelle triste triste ballade! But I dont get it embedded, so please click here for this sad sad song.

Sinister, spherical, heavy stringed instruments, dark voices speaking.

With electronic beats.


So which song(s) did you like most?

3 responses to “Chœurs

    • thank you, San, for staying in touch. 🙂 no doubt I’m busy, but not always as much as not being able to post something. however, I had no free spirit or ideas or motivation. 😦 but, I hope, on Monday I will be back on place. let’s see for how long… 😉 I wish you all the best, too and hope things got better, life got more gracious than the last time we heard from each other! 🙂

      • oh, i do owe you a letter, huh… been busy here also. a bit better than the last time we talked, thanks… hope you’d get back to blogging soonest. yeah, i hope i could be gracious, ahaha. and things are better on your end. warm regards, J.A. … 🙂

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