Father & son brouhaha: sinister and pink.

Inhabiting a sinister house of moist wood with pink windows in all their pizzazz. There they live – a father and his son, a son and his father. Their relationship a shipwreck full of brouhaha and pandemonium. Which could be convincingly seen dramatically, sober, or humorously. Lets face it, arent we all a little bit sinister and pink, are we? Your answer youll find in those great three movies »Otec« by Lukas Hanulak (dramatically touching), »Hong Kong« by Sven Ilgner (with a sober smile), and »The Old Man and the Seymour« by Giancarlo Fiorentini and Jonathan Grimm (laughing joyously).

This is a nice schedule for some relaxing evening on your couch. So just fill some levitating wine into your sparkling wine glass, and refresh your tongue with some gastronomic cheese and fruits. Cheers!

OTEC (Father) from Lukas Hanulak on Vimeo.


HONG KONG, shortfilm, 30min, Deutsch w/ English subtitles from Sven Ilgner on Vimeo.


The Old Man and the Seymour from Wiseguy Pictures on Vimeo.

3 responses to “Father & son brouhaha: sinister and pink.

    • everything is fine. what about you? don’t feel pushed to answer. yet, still I’m excited reading from you. I’ll pass by and reply to your last two posts which I like, but poetry in a foreign language… for this I need a breathing head. ;D

      • hello, J.A…. a, that’s good to hear… 🙂 oh, not so great but better than, say, two months ago, hehe. 😉 do take your time commenting on the poems… btw, the last post of mine is the first among the four i wrote recently. i guess their writing was inspired by reading t.s. eliot – what a drab! smile and keep the cheers! ^_^

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