Alzheimer: sinister and pink.

As this blogs name suggests and stands for, you can handle the very same issue adversatively: sinister and pink.

Such is with terrifying Alzheimer. Directors Julien Mouron and Johann Rosti take a smothering approach. With some tactful humor directors Alban Delachenal and Mei Fa Tan handle tragicomically with this disease that usually cords up your throat.


»Alzheimer – Une réalité différée« by Julien Mouron & Johann Rosti


»Back Up« by Alban Delachenal & Mei Fa Tan

5 responses to “Alzheimer: sinister and pink.

      • hello, J.A… oftentimes, i wonder where do you get them, how do you come across the materials you use in your posts? ahaha… that’s just me wondering… hope the coming weekend will be relaxing for you. thanks for the visit and the wonderful thoughts. warm regards… 🙂

  1. Alzheimer is indeed a tragic disease for those who are hit by it. But it’s great when it’s possible to approach it with humour – tactfully as you say. Great!

    • thank you munchow for your response and sharing your view. I appreciate you affirming the creators’ and my approach to a very sensitive and touchily tragedy.

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