»Dogon« by Marie Rossi

Below one’s breath unfolds the thread of world history. So it does in Africa as wellamongst the people of Dogon, a peasantry living in Mali. There it spins itself to a net that catches the fish, which comes aborning the firstborn of the Dogon. A people on whose shoulders the weight of the world or the weight of their lives doesnt lie. Instead their shoulders literal their clavicles, consisting of grain harbor the energy for language, singing and music; which is likewise the one vital energy letting the fields flourish and the children thrive. The clavicles are the music the people of Dogon use to contrive their everyday lives, in particular to till their fields and to raise their children. Music is their day-to-day life. Their shoulders are their strength.

This is what the short movie »Dogon« by Swiss artist Marie Rossi is about. To finish her study with this film in the same breath is some very nice accomplishment. Congrats! 🙂

For further Information on the movie have look here (in French). Become acquainted with her here (in French too) and here (her own webspace).

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