“Weeeeeeee!” :))

Just breaking my outer-spacious silence – this time just with some pink side of life…


Now this may be the reason this chair is called wheelchair! :)) Not to be mistaken for this weeeeee-chair…

 Anyways, just wanted to encourage everyone whos passing by to pink up your life, even though there are (or may be) some sinister parts there.

 What about the following gallery? For those who already feel pink, this will intensify your good vibrations. For those who still at the edge between sinister and pink, those pictures hopefully will nudge you into the world of pinkish pink.


wheelchair dance









Now you just cant get enough, right?!

For further informations, have a look on those two pages from where I have some of the pictures above: http://disabledaccessdenied.wordpress.com/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/judo10/sets/72157622049301384/with/3824954486/

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