Rock’n’Roll, Baby!

 Yesterday we had some Hip hop tracks rotating, today its up to RocknRoll! Here we go with some more tracks, that are legally free to download, in order to get in touch with the artists… Lets rock!


Keep Your Opinions To Yourself, “14” (via Epitonic)

Aucan, “Rooko” (via Epitonic)

Swans, “The Apostate” (via Stereogum)

Thee Oh Sees, “Lupine Dominus” (via betterPropaganda)

Russian Circles, “Mladek” (via Epitonic)

Marionette ID, “Last Eclipse” (via Epitonic)

Mono, “Ashes in the Snow” (via Epitonic)

The War On Drugs, “Snake Tongues” (via Epitonic)

Calexico, “Para”

(via City Slang)

The Raveonettes, “She Owns the Street” (via betterPropaganda)

The Raveonettes, “Observations” (via betterPropaganda)

Well, I'd like to know: What do you think?

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