Saviour Machine’s »I«

 When I hear of Mozart and all those other immortally blessed (attention: uphold your umbrellas!) dsheniush-kiddiwinks Im absolutely amazed. However, their talent and abilities doesnt affect me. Its not envy or kinda shitty-o-stuff like this. Mozart is fantastic! Maybe its just that they are so completely out of reach of what I could imagine in my life or was within reach when I was a tiny and annoying wiry bubbly sack of ribaldries.

 What really gets me stunned is when guys in their twenties accomplish something that is of eternal worth. Then I come to ask myself, why Im just writing about it. 😀

 So, for the maintenance of my aplomb, I wont give it a thought, but just wirte about Saviour Machines highly acclaimed debut album I. (Pronounce “one”, since there’ll be a II.) The story of how I got to know this album is told in short. It was in 1998 or 1999 when I saw in a catalog this CD cover:


 And their musical style was described as Ultra Wave. The time I was reading this categorization I’ve already started to get my entry into the world of music, but I didnt know what that is, Ultra Wave. My only thought was: What ever this may be and how ever the music will sound, this category is absolutely terrific. I must have this album! And even today, this term “Ultra Wave” is an unique term. But it fits so well, since, well… I dont know of any other band sounding like Saviour Machines I and II. And, believe me, I took several approaches to find a similar band – and Im still looking for!

 Which is to say, if you ever should read their former labels marketing slogan “Kings of Epic Metal” dont you ever belief this! They are no kings of any empire. They are kings of themselves!

 But, to speak personally, biographically: Their music and appearance, including II and their Legend-Trilogy, have been setting the marks for my aesthetic taste and interest in art when I was a teenager. Symbolistic poetical lyrics using uncommon pictures. Dark, but somewhat light music full of passion, power and fragility!


Son of the Rain”

 What a powerful start! And the way his voice enters the stage, absolutely amazing! – – – When riding my bike on the street or walking through the city and listening to the lines “The sky will burn, the sky will burn / Burning the sight from your eyes / Burning the blood from the brain / Turning the force of the skies while watching the world grow insane / Watching the sea boil from the rain / Watching the free die in the mire / Watching the world melt by the fire, that burns in the night, that burns by the light, that touches your face… Shelter the sane from the son of the rain” a shudder is creeping down my back.


A World Alone”

 Some sad, lonely ballad, yet loving with a stunning melody.


Christians and Lunatics”

 If you like, you can dance to it.



 Another dance floor track, in my point of view. The driving guitar riffs and the flowing piano fit so well!


Carnival of Souls”

 Includes one of my favourite guitar solos ever!


The Mask”

 A more quiet, tender song.

6 responses to “Saviour Machine’s »I«

  1. I can not say I love this music, but it sound familiar. The sound is similar to the romanian rock bands of the 90’s, Iris or Cargo.

    • which songs were you thinking of? I listened to some songs on youtube, but could only find out some vague similarities… a somewhat nearness to hard rock and metal… but the guitar playing as well as the voice sound different.

  2. hello, J.A. it’s been a while… you’ve some great music here. the lyrics and the tune of Savior Machine is like Elend’s. but i find that the voice is a bit more contemporary, is that right? nonetheless, they speak of almost the same subject – the conscience of a man hunted and tortured and must go back to nature to find some semblance of salvation, ahaha.

    it’s rainy season over here. been pouring in the last three weeks and our home is now flooded up to the knees, dang. hope things are well on your side… 🙂 – San

    • I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 and yes, you’re right: there are some similarities to Elend. 🙂 but whose voice is it that you find more contemporary? Elend’s or Eric’s? if you know anyone sounding like Eric Clayton, let me know it! 🙂

      about the lyrics, I’ve never dealt much with their over-all content, with the whole picture. for me the single pictures they use are absolutely fascinating! “his eyes like mirrors filled with murder”, “sanity falls by the knife and lacerate the brain”, and so on and so on… 🙂 anyway, your summary seems absolutely perfect when you read interviews with Eric describing the autobiographical background of these lyrics. you’ve got a genious mind to get the kernel that straight and fast! 🙂

      • ahaha, so that’s the guy’s name, Eric Clayton. i hope i can find some time to read about him, his music and the history of his songs. Eric’s voice is more contemporary, i suppose. it sounds a little like new wave. Elend’s voice and message is more primeval, I guess – like it’s coming from thousand-year old caves or five-hundred year old trees, hehe. ^^

        however, both of them are almost biblical. you know those parts that deal with demons, chaos and utter hopelessness? those parts that argue why men’s soul have got to be saved? tortured souls – debased, cruel and seeking salvation.

        why, thank you. i find both Elend and Savior Machine different from the rest of the mainstream music. they both call to the times (modern) seemingly to say that the conflict, the hostilities is still olden and inner – look at the inside of a man to know that the chaos resides there… 😉

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