Music from Lusophonic Africa

 With some delay we finally arrive at the Lusophonic countries of Africa. Alas, what a pity, we are the end of our journey! So mostly the music will be quiet and wistful.


Bulimundo, “Bulimundo”


Os Tubaroes, “Mae Querida”


Paulo Flores, “O Povo”


Luis Morais, “Boas Festas”


Bonga, “Mulemba Xangola”


Mendes Mendes, “Grito De bo Fidje”

7 responses to “Music from Lusophonic Africa

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  2. hello, did you know that i listened to all the songs above over and over yesterday? no, you didn’t? huh? ah, okay, i did… i so love the second one, as in… it’s a great selection, actually. you know various kinds of music, J.A… thanks for sharing… 😉

    • thank you! it’s the same with me: I’m listening to the songs for four days. and the second one is my favourite, too. – – – – I’m happy you like them. 🙂

      and….it’s just that I’m a collector of music and my “fate” is that I like so much, though my particular interest is into dark and experimental music, like, i.e., Elend, which, I hope so, will come to introduce some time on this blog 🙂

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