Music from Northern Africa

 Before finishing our musical journey through Africa in the Lusophonic countries of Africa, those countries where they speak Portuguese, we’ll visit, of course, Northern Africa. Unsurprisingly their music sounds Arabic. 😉 However, they belong to Africa and as we already have heard in Central Africa Arabic musical style had its influence even that far in the South and inspired some amazing dancefloor jazz songs.

Oh man, I love the sound of their music!


Slimane Azem, “Algérie mon beau pays”


Cheb Mami, “Ana Mazel”


C. Fadélac & C. Saharoui, “N’sel Fik”


Cheb Hasni, “Galou Hasni Mèt”


Orchestre Fayçal, “Ana Mélit”


Cheb Khaled, “La Camel”


Reda City 16, “Masrael”

3 responses to “Music from Northern Africa

    • yes, it’s the same with me! somehow Arabic sound has something passionate, desperate, and yearning. some kind of a crazy mixture, but deep touching. 🙂

  1. hello, J.A… i hope you are just busy but doing okay. hey, there’s something about these music that resonate with me. i will listen to them again, every now and then. thanks for sharing. regards… 😉

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