Music from Western Africa

 After a chilled stay in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, watching African movies we are now arriving in Western Africa. After two days of dancing in Central and Eastern Africa this break in Ouagadougou was necessary in order to brace our energies, because no less than Mory Kanté’s “Yeke Yeke” is awaiting us already as the first track of this playlist. This song will get us almost exhausted!


Mory Kanté, “Yeke Yeke” (If you are also not able to watch the youtube clip in your country just bing, google or whatever it, or follow this link or that one, because wordpress couldnt deal with dailymotions and metacafes embedding codes.)


Africando, “Yay Boy”


Bako Dagnon, “Le guide de la révolution”


Oscar Sulley, “Bukom Mashie”


Djelmady Tounkara, “Fanta Bourama”


Ismaël Lô, “Tadieu Bone”


Victor Démé, “Djon Maya”


K. Frimpong, “Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena”


Amadou Balake, “Taximen”


Malouma, “Nebine”


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