Music from Eastern Africa

 We already visited Southern and Central Africa. Unfortunately we cannot stay for a long time in each region. We have to keep going. But we will come back! So, greetings to Eastern Africa!

 The sound changes. Here we meet dance-floor jazz, funk and soul mixed with African and Arabic influences. We even come to listening to something like Americana inspired folk rock (Geoffrey Oryema). And, of course, a great female voice, Aster Aweke, wont be missing!

Tesfa-Maryama Kidane, “Heywete”


Mulatu Astatqe, “Yegelle Tezeta”


Mahmoud Ahmed, “Ere Mela Mela”


Aster Aweke, “Kabu”


Alemayehu Eshete, “Feqer Feqer New”


Tlahoun Gessesse, “Aykèdashem Lebé”


Culture Musical Club de Zanzibar


Hirut Beqele, “Almokerkum Neber”


Matano Juma, “Dada”


Orchestra Makassy, “Mambo Bado”


Geoffrey Oryema, “Ye Ye Ye”

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