Painted On Silent Blue

 Since I’m already doing some promotion for friends and acquiantances let me carry on in doing so. Ähm, ah ja, before you get suspicious, no Im not bitching around like rasping off money from breadcrumps filled cracks of tattered sofas. Just eeeeeassssse and relaaaaaxxxxxxx…

…and give it an innocent, white try.

 And why [stopit!] not, finally book a [stopit!] travel to Kenya or put in some cash into [stopit!] the salivaic shlüpfric fatmouth of Moloch [stopit!] called internet swallowing straight into the gold bag-jan [stopit!] …

 Okay I dont know how I got there and where this will get me. You know advertising and money are some dodgy issues to pick and strike. 😉 All I want to say is: I like the idea of “come closer Kenya Ecotours” and, as the headline already pointed out, the music of Painted On Silent Blue, the solo project of Katrin – who will be an, maybe even just one, exception to a sinister pink “African Week”. Playful, yet sad (?), okay let’s say “blue”, that is somehow sad, yet dreamy piano melodies and a wonderful, haunting voice!

 This little experiment is called Painted On Silent Blue. Painted – because I don’t know how to paint but I do it anyway. Silent – because silence is what I painted on. And Blue – because I don’t like the colour and something had to be done.

 With these pieces it’s like it is with telling someone about a dream you had – you end up with a silly story and someone confused. I don’t want to confuse you but it looks like I captured the chaos pretty well. Still I think you should listen. Or smile. But better is both.

 So be it… 🙂

 My absolute favourites are “Moon & Butterflies”, “Crumbles”, and “Wait”! Which ones are yours?

 Given her real name she also did some collab with David Kira, which leads us away from the earlier fragile organic sounds straight into the body of the grand machine of electronic music. Which doesnt make the music less fragile as we all are familiar with computers, mobiles, … lets say, electronic toysnstuff not doing what we want (i.e., to embed the bandcamp-player even though it promises to be capable of… ha!) or horribly crushing down, thus our honky outsourcings, Yeesh-o-rama!, going to the dongs! Yet still we have confidence into this kindathings and hail the future of technological progress being our whole lives. At least, this is what these two songs remind me of: the fragility of technology as well as of mans towards technology.

 Since this daft bandcamp-collab-with-wordpress-machine wasnt capable of what it promised Ill share with you another great electronic track of her from the already mentioned »This could be just one of those silly dreams«. “Let me fall” is a stunning collab with Toni González!

Well, I'd like to know: What do you think?

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