African Art: Sculptures

 Oh man!, googleing, binging, or wherever you’re looking after African art, it’s the same craptacular stiffness: you only find English or German sites where you can buy sculptures or paintings where they are presented rather lousily, not really lovingly or spectacular. 😦 Or it’s white people doing African inspired art.

 Anyway, maybe I found two sites where you can find African artists presenting themselves. I have to do some research and hopefully the coming days will introduce you to some artists I like.

 In the meantime let me share with you some sculptures (which I found via Galerie Shona) that I think are really worth to show!


2 responses to “African Art: Sculptures

  1. This work is impressive. I saw the Picasso exhibition recently at the Art Gallery of Ontario and they had a companion gallery showing African sculptures and crediting same with influencing Picasso and early modern art.

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