Spending your exciting holidays in Kenya

 Yesterday I wrote about hospitality. And I’m looking forward to give some more thoughts on this topic.

 Anyway, this week let me introduce you to Africa. So lets just call it unspectacular “African Week”. I don’t know why, but the last two or three months I started digging into African culture, just for itnerest. Listing to their music, watching their movies. Well, I’d like to share some of it with you.

 But first let me start with a traveling project a friend of mine is involved to. So I take the opportunity and do some advertise for them. 🙂

 Did you already spend you holidays somewhere, more or less, far away from home? Are you tired of being in a foreign country, yet not encountering it’s culture? Instead you are faced with all this plastic, over-prized entertainment and souvenir stuff? Did you have once again a creaking, dusty bed and cockroaches on the walls? Or was the beer at the bar once again warm and your steak tasteless? Or the children, were they complaining about how boring this place is you are visiting for the seventh time? Well, I think we are familiar with all of this. Right?

 But what could result from this? Instead of having a thrill of anticipation to some relaxing and recovering from work, and spending some value time with your dear or your family (in case you have one) you get a sense of foreboding. Now, holidays seem to be more stress than work!

 So now, do you agree with me, that you want something really good for your money?

 Well, I’ve got a proposal for you: “come closer Kenyan Ecotours”. Okay, whats that? First, they provide you with a tourist guide leading you through the country. Second, that way you get to learn quite unknown beauties of nature as well as the Kenyan people living their daily life apart from mass tourism. Third, the whole profit generated is for the benefit of social projects in Kenya.

 So, what are the advantages of traveling with “come closer Kenyan Ecotours”? First, forget about all this lazy entertaining plastic tin-cheap-crap. Second, even if your bed’s creaking and cockroaches are on the walls you know: this is supposed to be so. Third, what beer and steak? It’s native food you’ll get as well as Western exports – and this will be fine! Fourth, believe me your children won’t be bored to death! Fifth, not only your money is well invested, but your money will also help children with disabilities, vulnerable orphans, people living with HIV+ and abused children. This I say is getting something really good for your money!

 So, whats the next step to take? Visit their homepage (theres an English as well as a German version) and have look on their youtube-channel for getting informed, and hopefully in the right mood for getting in touch.

 What are you going to find there? First, of course, who they are, their mission statement and whom they are supporting. Second, all information about the tours and services they are offering. It’s four tours you can choose from: “Culture & People”, “Culture & Wildlife”, “Nature & Hiking”, and “Be Individual”. Then, self-evidently, you’ll find a booking form as well as contact information. Furthermore some short notes on Kenya.

 So my question is, will you have a look?

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