Sounds of the Countryside: Stone Breath, Lycia, and Black Happy Day

 Since the day before yesterday I reduced naturefreakism, which I take to be similar to the saying that it’s best to wolf the earth into deep space, 😉 to mush, and yesterday overoverly hailed the music of the city with a thousand of praises, today, weighed down with a bad conscience, I’d like to give the love to nature some mellifluous rehabilitation. Especially since it inspired one of my favourite lines from a songs lyrics:

When the sun has gone

And the moon has set

And the stars have disappeared:

I will sing this song to you,

If you’ll sing this song to me.

I will watch you run.

You will feel my teeth.

 …so the wolf to the hare in Black Happy Days “Wolf & Hare”, a song that brims over with freaky, crazy, sinister fantasies admirable like those of Auguste Villiers de lIsle-Adam (i.e., “Swan Killer”): the hare singing out of the wolfs stomach.

 So I will be immoderately excessive. Somebody’s fully uploaded Stone Breath’s Songs of Moonlight and Rain on youtube. Yes! (But what a pity, its not the expanded edition with “Footprints of a Ghost Girl” and “The Long Lost Friend (cobweb’ed)” on it!)

 However, “The Strength to Face the Stars Above” (beginning at 25:35), “Words Written on Petals” (17:52), “Seven Things Placed in a Hollow Tree” (4:15), “Wisdom in the Moth’s Wing” (8:56), “Flowers on Your Grave” (11:56), or “Willowisp” (23:15) are great songs!

 This is, what Timothy Renner writes in the booklet about Stone Breath:

I started becoming more and more interested in acoustic sounds, having developed the theory that these were the sounds of the earth: made from wood, bone, steel, breath, and skin. I considered most of my lyrics to be, essentialy, nature poetry and I wanted to make earth music. (…) I had the idea to start an acoustic ‘noise’ band called Stone Breath.”

 Then there are great Lycia whose music isn’t quite natural, yet their lyrics mirror men’s longing for nature. As you can convince yourself in hearing to the following songs.

These Memories Pass”

and then I prevail again, again

as all these memories pass again

I look ahead to the new day again

please no more dark days, dark days, again, again

and from the top of the mountain

I stare down on new flowers

and go straight into a new day

and I see the new flowers

and I drift down towards a new day

and I feel like new flowers

now I’m on the steps of a new day

and new flowers, and new flowers

Presence in the Woods”

I stare out towards the woods and I pray that you’re there

hopelessly stare at the sky as I breathe in this air

everything fades for awhile and I feel your sweet breath

a few precious moments of this, I adore, and I feel you

and I can feel you

and I can feel your everything

your everything…

I am so happy you’re here, at long last peace is found

I will never again drift so low, be so down

and just maybe someday I will feel your caress

but for now I stand here in the woods, and I feel you


I am seeing Christmas

in the garden with Venus

in my eyes they kiss

oh, to be involved in this

all the aching signs we miss

to live in purple scarlet bliss

and swim with jeweled golden fish

and breathe the autumn air so crisp

 Then weve got a great collaboration of Timothy Renner from Stone Breath and Tamara Vanflower from Lycia forming an ingenious duo called Black Happy Day.

 Unfortunately the spheric, eerie, and haunting blockbusters “Wolf & Hare” and “How Many Hours Til the Spiders Work Is Done?” arent on youtube and the like. However, the following three songs are absolutely worth listening, too.

In the Garden of Ghostflowers”

In the Garden of Ghost Flowers

Leaves of Life”
Leaves of LIfe


Finally here you have the complete lyrics to “Wolf & Hare”.

let’s sit in the middle of the field / let’s run through the pines

tall, green grass kissing our limbs / red needles picking our feet

we sway as the wind moves us / hiding behind the trees there

like the swaying of tide and moon / like the moon hides from the sun

our skin melts into wet puddles on the thickly scented ground / and falling when we tire

the sun conforms to our bodies making us numb / our backs upon the earth bed

let me lay beside you / we dare not move for now

our faces even and close / let me see your teeth

your legs stretched far beyond mine / let me hear your breath

your hair in mine twisting like honeysuckle vine / let me smell your skin

we grow together / we are braid

combined into one being / we are a knot

let my skin be your skin / of teeth and skin and hair

your mouth my mouth / our eyes both see now in and out

I’m small enough to fit inside you / a world in a grain of sand

I will orchestrate your movements / I feel your pull on me

your blood will feed me / I give myself to you

your heart will protect / I hold you within me

let me sleep in your stomach / and tell you night is near

you are warm like fresh syrup dripping from an autumn tree / the darkness steals your color

separate again / come back

look into our eyes / look into our eyes

do you remember me inside you? / do you remember what you saw?

the moon hardens our bodies / tell me the tale again

the stars tickle our skin / about the time

we’ll swim in our memory / when the moon caught the sun

When the sun has gone

And the moon has set

And the stars have disappeared:

I will sing this song to you,

If you’ll sing this song to me.

I will watch you run.

You will feel my teeth.

3 responses to “Sounds of the Countryside: Stone Breath, Lycia, and Black Happy Day

  1. haha, somebody’s paying homage to nature, somebody in the heart of the metropolis, am afraid…. yes, eerie music above but they do that – make one feel he or she’s inside a forest, with wild animals around, ready to pounce, lols… howdy! 😉

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