Sounds of the City: The Weeknd, o F F Love, Rennie Foster

 Usually I’m more into the dark, ecstatic, and experimental outpourings of music, but actually I’m nearly all listening to The Weeknd, o F F Love, and Rennie Foster. From Toronto, Berlin, and Tokyo.

 Id like to share with you some of their songs that I really really like. (By the way, one of the best things is, all the albums of The Weeknd are free for download via his blog.)

The Weeknd

The Knowing”

from the Album House of Balloons

The Initiation”

from the album Echoes of Silence

The Birds (Part 2)”

from the Album Thursday

Rennie Foster

Devils Water”

Devil’s Water

Devil’s Water (Rex Mundi Remix)”


Connect Like Four (feat. Moka Only) (Samuel L. Session Remix)”

o F F Love

Be Around U”

Close To U”

Let U Know”


The Weeknd, “Echoes of Silence”

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