Getting started in Berlin

 Everyone’s going nature. Organic food, green guerilla, gardening boom, contextualized local energy supply, city exodus, even Hollywood cannot resist: »Into the Wild« or »127 Hours« are just two examples. Natures suggested to provide us with inner peace, sensitive balance and smooth harmony. But harmony with whom or what? People, for sure not, because they are in town. Rather harmony with oneself. However, I cannot help but I dont have any need of this kind, though I’m really responsive to nature. Moving from one megacity, Vienna (a cosy one of course) to another even bigger megapolis, Berlin, that’s what excites me.

 And with Berlin I’m not having the outer districts in mind. Living there resembles quiet sleepy little towns. *rapüüüh* So I moved to Berlin Mitte. Thats where I expect the pulsating and craziness of the masses.

 In order to get registered I had to go through the Citizens Registration Office. A friend warned me that I should take a book with me (Karamazovs or War and Peace, or something like that), because I’d have to gear myself up for overexaggeratedly extended patience. “How long could this be!,” I laughed at him ignorant about his experience and mine to come. Well, Tuesday was my day for verification. 8 A.M. they were supposed to open.

 So like the early bird catching the worm I get up early to enter their halls about 7.30 oclock. Nevertheless, I arrive there not before 8 oclock. But no ones there. Oookaaaay…….. Im asking the lady at the reception where to get registered, whereupon she answered that the doors will open at 11 A.M. in the adjoining building. Man, what am I going to do in the next three hours?!

 Okay, lets stroll through the streets. Anyway, I think its better to have a look, where I have to register. So at 8.30 Im entering the waiting hall. Now, this is different! There are already about 30 people sitting and waiting. Thirty minutes later I know why. More and more people are rushing into the building. At 9.30 the first people start forming a queue in front of the small screen where we are supposed to draw a number. This forces us sitting and waiting people to get our asses moved and join the queue. No problem for me, because as a football fan Im used to standing for 90 minutes; and was prepared with a water bottle supply. So, standing there I had the opportunity to get into a conversation with a woman right behind me. With her I had an interesting talk.

 Then the watch hand pointed at 10.45, which is to say the small automat starts spitting out its waiting tags, which really is to say the hullabaloo starts. Up to 10.44 about 10, 15 people were standing in front of me. From 10.45 on it was like the wondrous multiplication of breadnfish. Not only about 40 people suddenly hurry-surrying there, no five minutes later, still standing on my place, more than 30 waiting tags were drawn (of which I could convince myself in having a look at the screen). Fuck it!, I thought and others shouted. A super angry woman sprang forward and shouted at the suckers drawing one tag after another for suckers absent. Then, at 11 oclock, I got near the screen now suddenly with a tattooed guy with a jailface standing in front of me. What the…! But the woman I was talking with and another girl tackled him about his shit-doing. So he gets distracted. Haha! I still-hunt forward. Yes, I’m at the screen. He, now realising his defeat, whispering his indignation and then even more threats of violence into my ear. Haha! Sucker! Now Im drawing my number and letting the woman and girl get to the screen. Haha! Now he looks a proper Charlie!

 Im just tellin ya, I give a fuck to nature and countryside and this über-boringness of of snoring harmony, balance, and inner peace! I like the craziness of the masses and being part of it! 😀

 Ah ja, before I forget it: at 13 oclock I got registered. Now “ich bin ein Berliner”. 🙂

5 responses to “Getting started in Berlin

  1. congratulations!
    methamorphosys takes patience and time…everything’s well when ends well.

    • oh thank you! that’s a nice, calming thought (in a fine and apt contrast to the emotional outburst of my text); and what a beautiful picture alluding to a butterfly! 🙂 that’s some wonder one won’t find in the city…. (the transformers make an impression, but won’t come near to the sublimity of metamorphosis in nature. (as Charles Sanders Peirce put it: we cannot wonder at the intelligence of man as we wonder at the intelligence of, i.e., wasps, birds and so on.)) anyway, I really appreciate your thought! thank you!

  2. haha, this one’s really talkin.’ witty, funny and hey, it got my blood curdling, huh? forget nature and well into the craziness in the heart of the center, lols! yeah, you got things goin’ there, i say. hello, sinister pink! 😉 🙂

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