Dionysian Folk music: Nick Cave & Wovenhand

 Ravaging music, wild lyrics… our desert is no sissy place for wimps! 😀 Imploding rage, ecstatic despair, and passionate engagement! Ladies and Gentlemen, listen to on maximum volume! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Wovenhand.


Sugar Sugar Sugar”

John Finn’s Wife”

Behind Your Breath”

Behind Your Breath

The Threshingfloor”

The Threshingfloor

Your Russia”


To encore with…


The Carny”

Truly Golden”

The Beautiful Axe”


At last to get some rest…

Do You Love Me (Part 2)”

Singing Grass”

4 responses to “Dionysian Folk music: Nick Cave & Wovenhand

    • absolutely, you’re right!

      the featured image I chose for this entry is female metal guitarist Samantha Escarbe. for me (!) Wovenhand and Nick Cave are the essence of rock: rooted as well as modern, and they have the (testosterone 😉 ) power and “lunacy” of metal without being metal. they absolutely rock! also because they are not about, do not ward off with, this (for me) deadly boring sex, drugs and rock’n’roll stuff, they are about music.

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