A collection of fine examples for comic art

 Two weeks have passed since I last shared with you some examples of comic art. So now its time to present some new beautiful, funny, challenging stuff. 🙂

via http://500dessins.blogspot.com/

via http://www.manularcenet.com/blog/articles/7335/des-peupliers-comme-des-fumees-dusine

via http://www.manularcenet.com/blog/articles/7263/balade-en-foret

via http://www.manularcenet.com/blog/articles/7324/des-yeux-comme-des-trous

via http://lnbd.over-blog.com/article-le-pecheur-106010050.html

via http://lnbd.over-blog.com/article-trop-la-classe-105595170.html

via http://lorenzomattotti.blogspot.com/2012/05/nuithonie-2.html

today we only were able to finish the second part of our wind portrait. for the first part lull was missing.

via http://www.isla-volante.ch/meer-wind/

sky, water, even the rocks are in their constant change.

via http://www.isla-volante.ch/bewegt/

the view from our journey’s housing. the isle always shows itself from a new side.

via http://www.isla-volante.ch/aussicht-vue/

via http://thingsthingsandthings.tumblr.com/post/18589014050/sunder-digital

via http://thingsthingsandthings.tumblr.com/post/21427422789/trill-graphite

via http://rodrigo-aviles.tumblr.com/post/23682614654/markandrewsmith-sullivans-sluggers-pinup-by

via http://nickdespain.deviantart.com/gallery/

via http://www.projet17mai.com/2012/05/ben-dessy.html

via http://tillfelix.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/stilfindungsubungen/

You want to try?

via http://www.guydelisle.com/blog/blog/2012/05/23/le-guide-du-mauvais-pere-7/

via http://dilbert.com/2012-05-17/

via http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2012/05/27

1 – Harry Rôteur. A belch guaranteed in any case.

2 – “I’m a magician. I will separate the air and the fluid of this sparkling drink”

4 – First leg: the fluid

5 – Second leg: the air. “What a talent!”

via http://www.fluideglacial.com/fluidz/mrstrip/index.html

Nasty fake. That’s how the painter really looks like when cycling.

Caught! Awkward retouching

via http://schlogger.de/wordpress/?p=1945

1 – “Well, where did you hide the cam?” “I wont say anything!

2 – “Anyway, you will talk. If not Im going to cut your toes…

3 – “…then, one by one, I will pull out your teeth and force you to swallow them!”

4 – “Sometimes I ask myself where from you got all this!”

5 – “If only youd knew…”

6 – “Yuri! Tidy up your room, otherwise Ill break your toys, burn them and make you watch it!

via http://vache-blog.blogspot.com/2011/06/yuri-et-vlad-4.html

via http://wulffmorgenthaler.com/

2 – My buddy and me, Jo “the Hat”

3 – We didnt have anything to eat for three days!!! We slept on paving stone and we are outspoken thieves…

13 – “Wow!!! Spaghetti!!!!”

15 – “You wont eat anything?” “No. I wait until you barf it out. Then it is warm.”

via http://30joursdebd.com/2012/04/18/spaghetti/

via http://marlomeekins.tumblr.com/post/23877173654/share-peoples-art-and-keep-great-stuff-alive


24 responses to “A collection of fine examples for comic art

      • hello, J.A.

        ahaha, i don’t exactly get what you mean here but i like Rodrigo Aviles’ drawings and sketches – the ones on his website. he’s very good, even with those violent cartoons. and his non-cartoons, non-animation works are really very defined and very clean. 🙂

        btw, was he the one who did the cartoons re: bungee jumping? that one, i didn’t like, ahaha. 😉

      • no no, the bungee-jumping-birth that’ll be on wulffmorgenthaler’s head. 😉 I just assumed that you wouldn’t find him magnificent due to his winking view on violence. so, now that I know that you seem to be pleased with him I am even more confused… 😀

      • ahaha, am not that familiar yet with Aviles’s view on violence, dear. but i dig violence and its place in an individual’s personality and its role in society – haha, i’d like to think i do… violence in art, i understand that and i wish i could take more, ahaha. but am not very comfortable with black humor, i don’t buy vicious violence. i get it that there’s that in real life but i hold that it should be minimized. there’s the chance that it would deaden peoples’ sensibilities and compassion. there, are you more confused now? 😉

    • ich kenne von ihm die vier Bände “Der alltägliche Kampf”. (vielleicht auch “Donjon”. aber daran sind ja einige bekannte Franzosen beteiligt, sodass ich jetzt nicht mehr weiß, ob ich einen Band gelesen habe, an dem er beteiligt gewesen ist oder wer anderes.) der Stil da passt wirklich sehr gut zu dem, was er erzählt. ich habe es genossen! (außer vielleicht, dass er an manchen Stellen etwas zu sentimental geworden ist, und damit eine Sache nicht wirklich getroffen hat… zumindest für mich nicht so, dass ich es bejahen und nachempfinden konnte.)

  1. Some really interesting details you have written on herzmaschine.wordpress.com .Aided me a lot, just what I was searching for 😀 .

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