Sunsets and sunrises photographed by Eric Cahan

 What did the first human being saw on earth? Night or day? Sunset or sunrise? And what did he or she feel? Was she or he concerned at all?

 If Mark Twain in his diaries of Adam and Eve is right, Adam wasnt concerned at all, whereas Eve got soooo excited!!! Indeed according to Mark Twain she was especially fascinated with what came out to be “Diamonds are a girls best friend”, namely the moon, that twinkling stone. However, if she saw sunrises like Eric Cahan does, then she probably got up early every day, before the cock crowed on the dung heap, and didnt go to sleep before sunset.

 Only a fitting soundtrack like Surface of Eceons “The Open Sea” she didnt had.

 Which doesnt mean she had no music at all. As Johann Georg Hamann wrote, the oldest human language was music, the sound of our voice.

 Look here, here & here for more this fascinating photographs!

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