Jaboody Dubs dubs shopping TV commercials

 Apparently its put deep in our consciousness that we only believe in what we see. I cannot explain else the success of shopping TV commercials with all their empirical evidence. 😀 As it is obvious, there isnt really empirical evidence. But how to reveal this scam without buying this stuff? Right, in dubbing. So does Jaboody… As he would say: “Check that shit out!” 😀


4 responses to “Jaboody Dubs dubs shopping TV commercials

    • there’s a bunch of happily, other-wordly smirking reviewers out there in space who unlike disbelieving jaboody were like Saint Thomas: first testing, then believing. 😀 however, it doesn’t seem to be the housewife’s, houseman’s, or charwoman’s, charman’s Messiah, yet it isn’t the toothbrush that degrades you to the convict of your home’s smud. hopefully, at least it doesn’t suck the earth like a black hole. so, share your experiences with me! 😀

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