Ingenious goal scored by Argentinian amputee footballer Augusto Alonso!

 I have no idea which calamity is worse. To be born with a physical or mental disability or to become disabled (in, maybe, either way) during one’s lifetime?

 Barely two weeks ago I presented the short film »Small Penis«. What a heavy burden a man has to bear whose penis is merely 2 or 3 cm long? According to the German wikipedia-article on micropenises boys usually were operated right after being born. Either their penis was extirpated or dulled to the size of a clitoris. This procedure was attended with the advice towards the parents to raise their child as a girl. Why? Because it was believed that they couldn’t have a fulfilled sex life, and of course: the indignities!

 Or, what does it mean for a man to suddenly loose his or her eyesight? (Even worse, until then having been a painter or a photographer.)

 Anyway, does it make sense to ask what is worse: enjoyed a thing but never be able to enjoy it again, or never having enjoyed a thing and never will have been enjoying that thing? Does such a person has the opportunity to bewail? Against anyone? Against whom? To what end? What is the aim? And are there any other opportunities than bewailing?

 And can a non-disabled person speak for a disabled one? If so, how? In what way do the previous questions force a disabled person into a corner? And in what sense does the following example put pressure on a disabled person?

 Recently I stumbled upon a video clip of a football match. It absolutely amazed me! Its incredible! A ludicrously ingenious goal shot by the leg amputated, 15 year old Augusto Alonso from Argentina.

 There are amputee football leagues in Great Britain and in the U.S. Furthermore there are World Championships (but still no Paralympics) joined by teams from all over the world.

 The American Amputee Soccer Association formulates its mission in giving two points.

1: To promote social interactivity, self-esteem and self-confidence among adult, and especially among new and youthful amputees, through recreational and competitive amputee soccer programs.

2: To identify, develop, and train athletes to represent the United States in elite International amputee soccer competition, and in Paralympic competition when the sport achieves that status.”

 On EAFA’s homepage you’ll find links to international amputee football associations, like, i.e., in Argentina, Brazil. El Salvador, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and the United States.

 Finally, I’d like to mention that already there are therapy forms for men with micropenises. Thus, they aren’t inevitably ruled out from a fulfilled sex life. Yeah, they even can procreate in the usual way.

 Hence, (by, should I say, unfortunately, merely?, technology in the Western world) disabled persons aren’t excluded from the realm of hope and happiness. (What about disabled persons in other cultures? Is there anyone reading this who has proper experience or knowledge?) That way, can they speak for non-disabled people? If so, how?

4 responses to “Ingenious goal scored by Argentinian amputee footballer Augusto Alonso!

    • well, this blog is pink and sinister. 😉 in this case it’s there to lowbrow enjoy the lightness of being, but also to try to do justice to affliction, which for me means avoiding sentimentality.
      hello to you, too! 🙂

  1. ahaha, it’s living up to its name, huh?! 😉 actually, can’t say am over sentimentality, haha, but for some reason, am drawn to this site…^^ hey, whenever I watch disabled persons who do and excel in sports, i get humbled and inspired, as in… I mean, if they can do it and be patient about it, why this able-bodied me can’t even do jogging on a regular basis? oh, well… waving! ^_^

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