Nicolas Gurewitch: Surprising twists make one break out into a fit of laughter

 Fortunately, after a long break Nicolas Gurewitch picked up The Perry Bible Fellowship again.

 There is a mind twisting saying of Ludwig Wittgenstein (originally about the belief in wonders): “When I came home I expected a surprise and there was no surprise for me, so, of course, I was surprised.” Well, expect the unexpected when reading the funny comic strips of Nicolas Gurewitch. 😉


















For more comics visit: and

Furthermore Nicolas Gurewitch is involved in The Trails of Tarnation, an absurd parody of Western.

4 responses to “Nicolas Gurewitch: Surprising twists make one break out into a fit of laughter

  1. Oh, his method or style seems to be that of triple negation?! In philosophy that means getting the positive by exploring the negative. Uh, uh, something like that…

    Hello, there! Have a happy week! 😉

    • you allude to Hegels famous thesis-antithesis-synthesis and the triplet “aufheben” in his synthesis: “pick up”, “extinguish”, and “keep”. crazy German!! 😀

      • oops, double negation, i mean. my bad! my bad memory at work, hehe. ^^ yeah, Germans make life difficult, what with all the philosophies they saddled us with. 😉 btw, like your explanation at the end ( the verbs, not the adjective). 🙂

      • haha, I didn’t realize you writing “triple” but read it as double! 😀 yes, you’re right with the Germans or German speaking, who by the way, “all” start with the letter “h”. Hegel, Heidegger, Hamann, Humboldt, Herder, Hölderlin, Habermas, and whoever else. sometimes they become annoying as shallow forms of positivism. 😀

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