Musical (Melancholia) Masquerade

Two weeks have passed since the last time I shared with you some new music that is available to legally download for free. While last time was more bright, this time the collection has more the air of melancholia, silence, and darkness. However, I hope you can enjoy some of this songs. 🙂



Purity Ring, “Obedear” (via


Electronic Pop

Active Child, “Hanging On (GRVRBBRS Remix)” (via

Jai Paul, “Jasmine” (via

Sleep Party People, “Chin” (via

YACHT, “Le Goudron (Edit)” (via


Hip hop

Shabazz Places, “Youlogy” (via

Del The Funky Homosapien, “If Ya Dont (feat. Parallel Thought) (via

Legit, “Danny Ocean” (via

Danny Brown, “Blunt After Blunt (3:33 Remix)” (via

MellowHigh, „Go“ (via



Elite Gymnastics, “So Close to Paradise (Physical Therapy Remix)” (via


Acoustic Rock

Beachwood Sparks, “Forget the Song” (via



Laura Gibson, La Grande (Epitonic saki Sessions) (via

Sun Kil Moon, “That Bird Has a Broken Wing” (via



Björk, “Cosmogony” (via

Bad Bad Not Good: »BBNG2« (via, there also available as Flac in CD quality and Hi-Res quality)



Christopher Willits, “Olancha Hello” (via



Esben and the Witch, “Hexagons II (The Flight)” (via

The Black Heart Procession, “Blank Page” (via

Three Mile Pilot, “Whats in the Air (via

Old Gray, “Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth” (via

Bears, “You’re Going” (via

Fool’s Gold, “Street Clothes” (via

6 responses to “Musical (Melancholia) Masquerade

  1. hello, just dropping by to say I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (pls see recent post, thanks). hey, you’ve to do a post (haha) thanking the one who nominated you (ahem), telling 7 random things about yourself and nominating 15 bloggers for the VBA also. there… hope you’re doing well and feeling great, yeah! 😉

    • thank you for this flower. yet, I wasn’t prepared for this. 😉 now, I need some time to think about what I’m going to do. 🙂 but once again: thank you very much!!!

      • oh, it’s my pleasure… yes, do take your time but not too long, ahaha 😉 in a month’s time – will that suit you well? ^_^

        and i thank the stars as well for featuring you in FP, haha. it’s been good coming over here and reading your posts, see? have a pleasant week. 🙂

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