Anne Lindberg, »raume yellow«

 When, for the first time, I saw this photograph of the installation »raume yellow« by Anne Lindberg, it seemed to me as if it had been digitally manipulated. But I knew that on this photograph there is only a three-dimensional installation to be seen.

 I have a really strange feeling when looking at this photograph. There is something floating in the room. Something like a cloud, rather something non-material. I had the sense of having an encounter with something that is personal. (Like the planet Solaris in Tarkovskys film »Solaris«, where you see a foaming yellow, beige sea forming maelstroms on its surface. However, the films composition makes you feel like meeting something personal, individual.)

 This impression intensifies, because I know one cant go into this appearance without irretrievably destroying it. Hence, one has to let it create an impression on oneself. One cant pocket it, cant make demands upon it. It is fragile. You can only see it, or at most gently touch it. One has to take it as what it is, one has to be faithful, promising, and respectful. One loses the own sovereignty.

 By saying “it”, I cannot be silent about the fact that “it” is just a collection of hundreds of threads. But, so what?

 All of this reminds me of individuality and the holy, and my expected relation to and behaviour towards it.


 Some different views to this work and others by Anne Lindberg you can find here:,


On you can find more of her works, including drawings, installations, sculpture, and architecture projects.

Just to give some further examples…











8 responses to “Anne Lindberg, »raume yellow«

  1. to be completly honest, I think it’s great people really appreciate things like these.

  2. thank you for your thoughts! 🙂 I think we all share the same experience, though describing it completely differently. what seems to make it easy to appreciate is, probably, that although it is really abstract, yet it’s somehow down to earth and warm, maybe somehow comforting. (other works of her are more difficult to get into.)

    • why not? yes, of course. 🙂
      I think it’s one of the aspects which make that installation great: it animates and stimulates personal thoughts.

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