Fashion Fetish

 Some weeks ago I wrote about SHOWstudio’s exhibition “Selling Sex” (22 March – 1 June 2012), which only promotes artworks made by women about their view on women; trying to avoid objectifying the female body and appearance.

 Alongside this exhibition they started a project called “Fashion Fetish”  (22 March – 1 June 2012). This project launches only works by women working in fashion, including Ruth Hogben, Lady Amanda Harlech, Daphne Guinness, Lily Donaldson, Liberty Ross, Rei Nadel, Asia Argento and Dasha Zhukova. Their works will be completed by essays written by female journalists. This project is supposed to work out the relationship and connectivity of fashion and fetish. Here is what SHOWstudio has in mind about this project:

“If, historically speaking, a fetish is a manufactured object which has magical powers, or one that people are irrationally devoted to, fashion is a veritable fetish-factory of ‘It’ shoes, ‘Now’ bags, and garments that magically propose to make your life indefinably better. On a less abstract level, fashion has been obsessed with sexual fetishism for centuries. The subtle constraint of the corset, the snugly-gloved hand, a shiny boot of leather – all staples of the well-dressed man or woman, and equally the well-equipped Sado-Masochist. At the turn of the twentieth century, the Pandora’s Box of fashion fetish was blown apart (…) It’s fetish as fashion. (…) Fashion Fetish hands the power entirely to female fashion professionals, asking them to address the notion of Fashion Fetish and examining their individual visions of women. In contrast with Selling Sex, which reimagines the female relationship with sex, Fashion Fetish focuses on a woman’s relationship with clothing.”

 Before going to mention the two examples to date, I would not like to pass over in silence that SHOWstudio emphasizes that this project is supposed to be provoking. Thats a very familiar logic to come to attention. 😉 Well, if its really provoking its up to you and me. 😉

 So far a short film by Ruth Hogben, a filmmaker based in London, has been launched, »Love Me« starring Karlie Kloss.

 This film aims at showing a womans multi-faceted character and her narcissistic love. As Ruth Hogben says: “It explores a woman’s different facets and how she can choose to be a different character on a whim. Her fetish is herself.”

 The second artist giving her voice to this project is Barcelona based Rei Nadal. She hosts SHOWstudio’s tumbrl-page from 2-8 April 2012 as guest curator. Let me give you some examples of what she has updated so far.














 This photograph, called “Hand” by Cassandra Tavukciyan (,, you can find here.

 Well, Im curious about what comes next…

3 responses to “Fashion Fetish

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  2. Hi there,
    One of my photographs was used in this post (second to last one)

    I would like to know how you came across it? And why I did not have any knowledge that it would be posted on this blog?

    thank you, and please get back to me.


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