Miscellaneous Comics Selection

The last two weeks were full of interesting online comics, drawn as well as animated. 🙂 There are funny and beautifully drawn among them.

via www.dilbert.com

via www.wulffmorgenthaler.com

via www.jorgeilustra.com/, http://blog.drawn.ca

via http://davidprudhomme.blogspot.com/

Vampire Bash from António Silva on Vimeo.

Les cartons de Mr. Carton // Gadin alpin from Michael Bolufer on Vimeo.

via http://bao22.blogspot.com/

via http://www.gocomics.com/ballardstreet

via http://www.gocomics.com/overthehedge

via http://www.gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine

via http://lesstalkmorepaint.tumblr.com/


via www.babyblues.com

via http://wildklee.blogspot.com/

(1)  “Hello, hi, I’m the good fairy godmother and so on. And if you hurry up youve got a wish for free. Your time is running!”

(2) I dont need any time to think about it! Whats the sweetest thing? I want everlasting youth!”

(3) Boah, I think I have to barf! Did you see those pimples? Creepy!” “I take a picture.”

via http://taz.de/digitaz/.tom/tomdestages

(1) Alas, one dont have to worry about King Kong or Godzilla. “Sigh! Family values!”

(2) But to visit the 50 foot woman is always a little bit straining. “No one writes suitable roles for women at my age…”

(3) “But old-age poverty qualifies if there isnt any convenient fashion in your size to buy.” “You are the greatest!” “We love you.”

(4) “You know why the did extinguish the walking cane by inventing the walking frame? They are afraid of weaponed pensioners.”

(1) “I didn’t know: The new televisions got an auto-stand-by function.”

(2) “When you didn’t zap for 3 hours, the TV shuts down by itself.”

(4) “Probably there are more people dying in sleep than one supposes.”

 via www.18metzger.de/

A question to unfailingly drive artists up the wall. “Look. Why dont you make anything like that?”

via www.zwarwald.de

(1) Focusville (some Thursday)

(2) Who could imagine who the young photographer named “Steve Net”… [Steve Net:] “Hum!” [some voice:] “Help!”

(3) …in reality is SUPERFLOW

(4) [Superflow:] “Dont touch her!” [Villain:] “How terrible! I cannot see him. Argllll…. Im sick in my head. Im dying!”

(5) [Woman:] “Oh Superflow!” [Superflow:] “I think I really deserve a little kiss!”

(6) [Woman:] “You… You… You make me sick in my head…”

(7) [Superflow:] “Noooo!” Superflow, the superhero whose superpower isnt that super.

To be continued…


(1) Focusville (some Friday)

(2) Steve Net as Superflow drinks litres of beer in order to forget that his superpower is a super-handicap.

(3) When suddenly! [Invisible man:] “Well, Superflow! Today you are unable to use your superpower! How embarrassing… ha ha ha!”

(4) [Steve Net:] “Invisible man!!?” [Invisible man:] “In person. Let me introduce you Cindy…”

(5) [Invisible man:] “But!”

(6) [Cindy:] “I didnt imagine you having sticky-out ears. Im leaving you.” [Invisible man:] “Baby, wait…!”

To be continued…

via www.fluideglacial.com/fluidz/mrstrip/index.html

 via http://www.gocomics.com/garfield

 (1) “Im a coward. My character isnt up to my mind in the least. I honestly feel sorry for that, but I dont do anything about it any longer.”

(2) “Nothing. I am tired. But it wasnt always so…”

(3) But you wont understand it in any case…”

(1) “…or?”

(2) Back then. I was 8 years old. An orphan.

(3) “Damn!”

(4) Mind and character were matched. [brain:] “The fence is too high for you!” [Hat and moustache:] “You are obliged to worry about your ball!”

(5) Character prevailed over mind and banished it. [Hat and moustache:] “Let yourself never been seen again!”

(6) From that I learned…

(1) I tried to bring both of them into accord, but that look like shit.

(2) But since mind had more to corrupt, I decided to let mind be the dominating power.

(3) By that means I became the man with two brains. All is well that ends well (moral).

 via http://schlogger.de/wordpress/

 via http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes


(Heading) The guide to being a lousy father 5

(2) [Father:] “Well, did the little mouse pass by this night and put a penny under your pillow?”

(3) [Son:] “Thats indeed strange, I think, this story about the mouse…”

(4) “Where did she get in? Do we have a hole somewhere in the house?”

(5) “And how did she get to know that there is a tooth under my pillow?”

(6) “Has she got a hyper-developped sense of smell for teeth?”

(7) [Father:] “How much did she left you the last time? 50 cent?”

(8) “And do you think, that isn’t much…”

(9) “pfff… When I was your age, 50 cent…”

(10) [Son:] “And how was she able to climb up my bed with a coin holding in her paws?”

(11) [Father:] “Well, so what?” [Son:] “What, so what?”

(12) [Father:] “Well, how much did she left you, the little mouse?” [Son:] “Bah! Not very much… 2 Euro.”

(13) [Father:] “What do you mean, not very much!? 2 Euro are the largest coin one can find!”

(14) [Son:] “There are 8-Euro-coins.”

(15) [Father:] “8-Euro-coins… That is just utter nonsense.”

(16) “Look, these are 2 Euro. That coin isnt really weighty.”

(17) “And that’s the smallest one. 10 cent.”

(18) “Look, the next time Ill give you that instead of 2 Euro.”

 via http://www.guydelisle.com/blog/

via http://topedro.blogspot.com/


half a turn of perspective and of the technique of recording and the world looks quite different again

ms. aquerenciado loves the wind more than she loves mr. aquerenciado. and they tell each other stories, yarn.

via www.isla-volante.ch

The Big Winner from Rubber House on Vimeo.

(1) Sometimes, when I want to remember a dream I dream of writing it down.

(2) But gaffer dream, so it seems, doesnt want to let out his stories.

(3) He tries with all the tricks.

(4) If one finally manages after all, one awakens in the dark.

(5) Oftentimes the story isnt as brilliant as one assumed at first.

(6) But who knows which treasures rest upon the bottom of the sea.

via www.till-lassmann.de/tilldawn/


 via www.joann-sfar.com

via http://demotapecomix.wordpress.com/

via http://dainfagerholm.blogspot.ca

via http://500dessins.blogspot.com/

via http://ambre-laurentsautet.tumblr.com/

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