The Quiet and Poetical Comic Illustrations of Robert Lovely alias Days of Thunder

Its seems Robert Lovely had a brief spell as Days of Thunder. Too bad! Really, what a pity. His humorous comic illustrations are quiet and gentle, though they dont lack some smiling and gentle audacity. Some of those silent images are black, but not cynical; others are light, but not calumnious.

Well, Id like to share them with you. They are all I have, since – as I mentioned – Days of Thunder, as far as I know, lasted one savoring blink of the eye attended by one patient and conscious breath.

I arrange them in a specific order. First, let me show you the ones I absolutely like.


Now, here are some I really dont understand, but would like to. Maybe you have some suggestions?



Last, but not least some comics which are rather simple, yet funny.





4 responses to “The Quiet and Poetical Comic Illustrations of Robert Lovely alias Days of Thunder

  1. I could laugh at only one..the rest were too cryptic or I need to do understand world politics better 😛 The illustrations were quite interesting.

  2. hello, J.A… i hope you are doing well. i’d hazard a few guesses on the comics above. on the allegory of love – it is a product of patient labor but it has a pointed end, a dagger point, ironically… on the tropical depression – the classic rendition of the drawing is a woman, a Latin American one, to depict the oppression of women in the so-called banana republics – cheap, aplenty and exported worldwide… on the bar scene – mr. earth suffers from the ice melting phenomenon, a crack on the climate change issue… on the discuss thrower – the rendition is the classic greek youth, athletic but there’s a dog at hand, ready to go after the object thrown. it’s a pun on modern-day athletics, i guess… so, there.

    i hope you are busy but well. waiting for your new posts. 🙂

  3. hey thanks for your thoughts and ideas! 🙂 hmm… the one about love, it’s an interesting interpretation you gave: about work and some not cuddly end. but what I don’t get is: this boat cannot sail…. hmmm….

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