Today I’m going into logic. I’m going to enter the field of rational choice theory. 😉 The subject is eating and drinking in modern Western society by referring to this article: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/panorama/Fasten-vor-dem-Vollrausch-id4046661.html. (This article writes about the serious and sad problems of drunkorexia (avoiding eating, instead drinking alcohol the day when having a party), diabulimia (diabetic avoiding to give oneself an insulin injection), and orthorexia (overreaching fixation on food that counts as healthy).)

 Well, let’s go right in media res. The condition is supposed to be obvious. They say, society says: slim is sexy, healthy food a must, drinking alcohol is trendy. But! But one faces a cruel problem. Drinking as well as eating torpedoes one with that sick stuff called calories. Yes, even drinking alcohol makes one fat. (Beer got 200 calories, red wine 160 calories, two shots of vodka even 1000 calories.) So how to be(come) healthysexytrendy?

 Good news, we don’t resemble Buridan’s ass! As is well-known he stands, stood, in front of two delicate, juicy, yummy haycocks of the same size. However, he is faced, was faced, with a bad situation consisting in his positioning to both the haycocks. It is, he has, had, to cover the same distance. Same size, same distance, why is it bad? It is bad because… because an ass ain’t got no free will. He’s paralysed, thus is going to drop down dead on the very place he occupies.

 But we are equipped with free will. Well four options we do have the opportunity to choose from. Eating healthy food and drinking alcohol equals healthy’n’trendy, but also: non-sexy. Eating healthy food and not drinking equals healthy, but also: non-sexy and non-trendy. Not drinking and not eating simply equals death. So to be cool there is only one option left: drinking alcohol and not eating. That equals healthysexytrendy, because drinking alcohol equals trendy and not eating, which means not eating unhealthy food, equals healthy. Now it’s easy to be(come) sexy since drinking without eating entails the inescapable consequence of barfing. Yeah man!, that’s striking back against the torpedoing by the calories.

 Those who don’t like that option are still able to choose the other options. Either to become an individual distinctive from the healthysexytrendy masses or a nihilist society-hatingly fasting him- or herself to death.

 Well, I won’t spare something interesting to consider. Hence, I finish and open the manege to let those speak who have a less raw humor than I do, rather an amiable, fine humor, and who are more individual than I am.

Simian Mobile Disco – “Cruel Intentions (feat. Beth Ditto) (Heartbreak’s Slow Action Remix)”

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