Selling Sex & Power Dressing

The self-declared internet “home of fashion film” SHOWstudio enters the gender debate. They’re starting with an exhibition and with a fashion story. While the exhibition is supposed to be serious, the fashion story won’t lack some sense of humor.

Concerning the exhibition, which is called “Selling Sex”, its goal is both to promote women’s view on women and to pose some questions. One of those questions is, whether a woman’s view on woman avoids the status of women, which consists in the objectifying to-be-looked-at. It seems to be some fight against windmills, doesn’t it?

This question raises not only because of the internet hype self-pictures of girls and women. The hunt is on!, especially since facebook and blogs are online. It’s a trend, which – as SHOWstudio would describe – is likely highly informed by men’s view on women.

This question even is raised by themselves. And their answer is: “We know we’re tipping the imbalance right back the other way. We know we are ghettoizing work by women in their own unique female grotto. And we know we’re not launching the major survey show that this should be in our Mayfair gallery. But, we feel, it’s a start. It’s a conversation.”

Well, take look at this interesting exhibition:

As an appetizer, let me give you an example: Lamp girl by Marianne Maric. (For further information visit:

This is what SHOWstudio tells about this photograph: “French photographer and stylist Marianne Maric illuminates the female figure by photgraphing girls dressed up as lamps. The series of photographs, entitled ‘Lamp-girls’, was first conceived as an illustration of the woman as a thing conveyed by the ‘entertainment world,’ but gradually ascending to a state of consciousness. The photographs were part of a broader vision: once the costume was finished, the ‘living’ model put it on and took place on a white rotating base into a dark room. The public had the choice to turn on or off the lamp, the dress, the girl, the room. Maric attempted to ‘immortalize’ the moment when a woman became a simple household appliance.”

Now let’s take a short look at the fashion movie called “Get Back, Stay Back” and its bonuses. The idea behind this session is the surprising, and somehow funny, fact that women can brutally defend themselves even if wearing glamorous fashion.

So if you like, take a look at There you’ll find clips showing the fighting techniques, the fashion film and three interviews with the involved persons.

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