Shut the Fuck Up and Be Hospitable! (On the mudslinging when it comes to Saviour Machine’s 2011 Legend III:II)

 “Here is the new synthesis; it will be implemented;
Digital signals embedded within;
Beneath the skin…
The flesh of man is chained unto
The terrifying legends of the hidden truth;
We are an omen bound to the flame
We are the sacrifice unto its name…
Behold the face of tyranny, its image conceived;
Let he who has wisdom and understanding see
The mark of the beast, the mark of the beast…

We are seduced by assassins And then replaced by victim circuits…
Trust no one, trust no one…

The greater the lie, the more that it blinds,
Do not be deceived by the crimes of the killing machines;
The mark of the beast…

The system has won;
Privacy does not exist,
Sovereignity is done…
Big brother is dead and gone;
The antichrist is watching…”

I take these lyrics from Saviour Machine’s “The Mark of the Beast” just as a steppingstone. They express a conservative interpretation of the New Testament’s Revelation of John. Well, so let’s say at will “Big brother” stays for the internet. And then state: “Privacy does not exist.”

As a huge fan of Saviour Machine for more than ten years I’m still expecting their Legend-Trilogy to be completed. Recently I followed by chance a link on their facebook-page that someone posted there. And this opened a new door into the history of Saviour Machine. Useless to say: thanks to the internet.

Massacre Records released Legend III:II accompanied by a sovereignly and sober sounding official statement, where Eric Clayton is claimed to be an unreliable fraud, – and Eric Clayton by return breathes fire and brimstone.

Well, now call to mind that Saviour Machine somehow stands for conservative christian rock music and that even non-christian metalheads are really impressed by their mastermind Eric Clayton (cf. A second time something useless to say: Eric Clayton is confronted with high expectations. That means those charges and his nagging, drooling, mocking and backbiting assumedly won’t serve him anything good. But it can be a win situation for the fanbase, the listeners and for those, who are interested in Saviour Machine’s music. But why is that so? Is his behaviour really a surprise? First, those charges are serious. Second, regardless which interview with him I read, I was left back with one impression: he’s got a strong vision and he’s driven by a much stronger force to realise it. With that I always felt something intolerant and ignorant. It’s just something I sensed – for whatever reason. (I suppose, it must has something to do with me among others.)

But on the other hand I have to admit, something what I expect is, that people live in accordance to their words…

So, the problem with the whole 2011’s Legend III:II-story is, the fanbase and the consumers are fed with incomplete informations. On that basis each side complains and gives really bad references. – – – What shall we think about it? What’s this thing called “internet”, where both parties give tactically short-handed informations and a third party can discuss this? Privacy still exists and yet does not exist… Well, I will be so bold and dare to say three things:

1. Read Jacques Derrida’s illuminating On Hospitality!

2. Buy 2011’s Legend III:II!

3.  Shut the fuck up ( 😉 That is to say, would Massacre Records and Eric Clayton had been silent! Don’t take position for anyone!

– – – – –

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